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residential solar solutions

We provide residential solar solutions that will reduce your monthly Eskom electricity bill and load-shedding impact. During the consultation we will go through the various available options, from battery back-up’s to frameless solar panels.

We custom design each solar system using only the highest quality products available to give clients the highest power output. You will be able to remotely monitor your solar system and each module’s power output. Adding a solar system to your property will increase the value of your home, while reducing your environmental impact.

Port Elizabeth Solar Panels
Port Elizabeth Solar Systems

Commercial Solar Solutions

Commercial clients electricity consumption curve usually coincides with the daily sunshine hours making the change to solar economical viable.

We provide clients with a thorough analysis of the  benefits of installing solar.

  • Installing a commercial solar power system is an excellent way to fulfill corporate environmental goals and reduce your carbon footprint.
  • We custom design each system using only the highest quality products, giving clients the best output options.
  • Our clients are able to remotely monitor their solar system and see power output.

Agricutural solar solutions

Generating electricity on a farm using solar power is an important step towards being off-grid or reliable on Eskom. Solar PV is scalable and additional modules can easily be added to any system.

Farms and Agricultural Facilities require electricity to operate pumps, lighting, and other equipment, but solar PV can be used to power some or all of them. The cost savings can be very significant over time, leading to higher profitability by reducing the ever incresing cost of Eskom Electricity or using petrol and diesel generators.

Port Elizabeth Solar Systems
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Commercial truck trailer solar systems

The solar-powered refrigerated trailers make use of solar panels to generate energy that is stored in batteries. The energy is used to move nitrogen around to cool the trailer. It is not necessary to idle the truck when loading and offloading as it will run on its own power.

The solar-powered units deliver a return on investment in two years.

Clients are able to monitor the temperature of the trailer remotely, to ensure the cold chain remains intact.

System maintenance and upgrades

We offer a routine cleaning service of your solar panels.  Maintaining your solar panels through our regular cleaning schedule results in increased power generation, saving you money in the long-run as the more dirt, the lower the amount of electricity your solar panels will produce.

Pollution, traffic dust, leaves and even bird droppings contribute to preventing sunlight reaching the solar cells of your solar panels.

solar system maintenance upgrades-Port Elizabeth Solar Power System Suppliers



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