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The Smarter Way To Heat Water.

The Solar Geyser Controller is a locally designed product from Microcare that uses standard solar panels to power your geyser element, outperforming the current range of thermal solar geysers on the market. With no plumbing required this South African designed innovation can be retrofitted to your current geyser system making it price competitive at initial outlay and for the lifespan of the system.

Its unique design uses solar panels and not circulating water thus preventing the problems associated with the old style collectors that suffer from freezing over in winter and boiling over in summer. Our Solar Geyser System is the preferred solution as there is only electric wires to be installed compared to the long pipes required for traditional solar geysers. There is also no heat loss as water doesn’t need to circulate and therefore no waiting for water to get hot thus reducing waste.

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image 1-Port Elizabeth Solar Power System Suppliers

Save up to 100% of your geyser expense and up to 30% of your electricity consumption with this innovative new Solar Geyser Kit.

Solar Geyser heating water

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